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Digestive Disorders
Treatment in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the state of your digestive system depends on digestive fire (jatharagni). If it is weak, food remains indigested and creates toxins (ama) in the body, which leads to digestive problems and other health issues in the body. Jiva doctors are now offering video consultations for digestive disorders. Through this online consultation session, you can do a video call with the experienced Ayurvedic doctors over a smartphone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your home. They will provide personalised consultation and suggest a root-cause based treatment along with customised remedies, diet and lifestyle plan to strengthen your gut from within and improve quality of life.

Common Digestive Disorders That We Treat

  • Acidity

  • Gastritis

  • Constipation

  • Bloating

  • Piles

  • IBS

  • Ulcerative Colitis

  • Gallstone

Benefits of Video
Consultation at Jiva Ayurveda

Jiva Video Consultation

Easy Access to the Specialists

Consult expert Ayurvedic doctors at your suitable timings from the comfort of your home.

Jiva Video Consultation

Clinic-Like Experience

Experience clinic-like consultation through a video call with the doctor.

Jiva Video Consultation

Completely Safe & Secure

Be assured that your online consultation will be fully private and secured.

Jiva Video Consultation

Online Report-Sharing Facility

Your health history and reports are safely organised and documented in our system.

Jiva Video Consultation

Free Follow-up

Get a valid digital prescription and a 7-day free follow-up for further clarifications.

Jiva Video Consultation

Medicines Delivery at your Doorstep

Post-consultation, free delivery of the treatment package at your doorstep.

3-Easy Steps to start your
personalised Ayurveda Treatment

Submit your details

Jiva health coach will call you to schedule your appointment

The doctor will connect with you for the consultation

The Jiva Ayurveda Edge







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Dr Sapna Bhargava

Specialises in Gynaecological & Digestive Disorders

Dr Sapna Bhargava is a BAMS from Kurukshetra University and serves as the Sr. Ayurvedic Consultant at Jiva Ayurveda. During 24 years of her association with Jiva Ayurveda, she has been consulting international patients via video-conferencing and was among the pioneers of providing Ayurvedic teleconsultation. Dr Sapna has been awarded for her dedication and excellence in the field of Ayurveda at various platforms.

Stories of Health & Healing

What our patients say about their treatment experience

I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I had a healthy appetite and I ate well too, but I was underweight, and I had to go to the toilet 5-6 times a day. Doctors at Jiva explained that my digestion was weak, and my body was not absorbing the food well. In the first month itself, I started seeing some improvement. After 7 months of treatment, my body weight increased and I started feeling healthier.

- Mrs Bahuramma, Solapur

What our patients say about their treatment experience

After seeing Dr Chauhan’s video on TV, I contacted Jiva Clinic for IBS & Weak Digestion. Within 5 months, I noticed considerable relief. My digestion improved & I can eat a lot of things now which used to be impossible a few months back. However, I am not fully recovered yet. But, I have a strong belief that if I continue taking medicines & keep myself up to the diet, I'll get complete recovery soon.

- Harsh Roy, Noida

What our patients say about their treatment experience

I had Piles and severe indigestion for 10 years. After trying everything I wasn't sure whether Ayurveda could help me, but one day I saw Dr Chauhan on TV explaining how Ayurveda treat Piles and it gave me hope. After 5 months of taking the treatment, the pain has reduced a lot, which is more than anything I have ever experienced before.

- Ashok Devraye, Mumbai


Video Consultation enables you to connect with our qualified and highly experienced Ayurvedic doctors via mobile/web app from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with network connectivity. Our doctors will assess the state of your health and offer you a personalised, root-cause based treatment for the illness.
Jiva doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your health, with a special emphasis on your diet, lifestyle and geographic location. The consultation will be done according to the Ayurvedic principles of Prashna (questions) and Darshan (observation) chikitsa. During video consultation, our doctor will observe your eyes, nails, skin and physical constitution. Based on these examinations, the doctor may prescribe personalised medicines along with a diet and lifestyle plan to heal your illness from the root.
Post-consultation, a complete health package is designed for you by the doctor including personalised Ayurvedic medicines, wellness products and customised diet and lifestyle recommendations. This package is delivered to your doorstep.
Yes, all our doctors are qualified and experienced in treating various acute and chronic illnesses. They are driven by the passion to bring health and happiness to millions around the world through true sewa-bhaav. At Jiva, we have a team of over 500 Ayurvedic doctors and specialists who consult over 8,000 patients globally, every day.
Yes, the privacy of our patients is extremely critical to us. Therefore, we keep all your health information and data secure through robust encryption methods that protect your information at all points.
Yes, the payment gateway (CCAvenue) uses VeriSign 256-bit SSL data encryption and it is PCI DSS 2.0 Standards compliant. You can safely complete the payment process without any worry.
You can connect with the dedicated Jiva Health Coach assigned to make your healing journey smoother with us. They stay in touch with you at every step, to book your consultation, inform you of upcoming consultations, assist you with all of your queries and most importantly, help you complete your relief journey with us.