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Jiva's professional courses, comprising extensive theory, practicals, and project work, have shaped up the careers of many successful Ayurvedic professionals around the world. Whether you are an Ayurveda student, practitioner, teacher, or simply an Ayurveda enthusiast, be assured to gain an extensive knowledge of the ancient medical wisdom combined with practical applications at Jiva.

On-Campus Programs

If you are an Ayurvedic practitioner such as an Ayurvedic doctor, a lifestyle consultant, massage therapist, or a Panchakarma therapist, or if you aspire to be one, these courses are just the right kind of training you need to fulfill your dream.

Scheduled Programs

If you want to pursue an Ayurvedic course on certain specific, highly focused topics, these intensive programs are just the right choice for you. These weekly programs are offered at the Jiva clinic only as per schedule. Sample topics:

Anytime Programs

These professional programs, comprising extensive theory, practicals, and project work, are available throughout the year so you can join them at any time to suit your convenience. Sample topics:

Customized Programs (available throughout the year)

If you are looking for a course that isn’t showing up here, don't worry! Here is a place where you can tailor your own course relevant to your needs. You ask it and we have it - customization at every level and in every possible combination in course topics, coverage, practicals, schedule and venues. Explore

Online Courses

If you want training in Ayurveda and don’t have the time to join an on-campus program, our online Ayurvedic courses are the best suited to your purpose. Discover how these self-study course materials provide an in-depth perspective on Ayurvedic treatment methods and their practical applications. Sample topics:

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Jiva Ayurveda Patient Testimonials

“The course was very nice because we learnt a lot about Ayurvedic medicines and therapies. Everybody was very caring towards us.”

Christine Belfort,
Ayurveda Student,

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