A balanced professional life!

At Jiva employees come first, just after our patients that is! Only happy employees can make our patients happy, and so we follow an inclusive work ethos that helps us find time between work for fun and celebrations.

Instead of being in an overbearing or extremely hierarchical set-up, you can look forward to a flexible and inspiring workspace.



Jiva grows when you grow as a individual and so we invest in a lot of social opportunities and celebrations that make you time at Jiva fun and memorable!

Why professionals choose Jiva?

We are breaking new grounds in Ayurveda and Education and want you to join us in this exciting
and life-changing journey. Discover why Jiva is the first choice for professionals.

The culture of

Recognition & Growth

Jiva Ayurveda actively supports career progression based on merit and achievements. At every stage of your career, we offer constructive feedback to ensure maximization of your skill and potentials

The culture of

Ethics & Transparency

Jiva encourages everyone to interact with senior management and voice their suggestions and concerns. This helps foster a free, fair and ethical space with growth for all.

The culture of

Fun & Celebrations

At the heart of Jiva is a dynamic and friendly work environment that encourages energy, enthusiasm and untiy. Jiva offers the rare combination of a professional workplace and a family-like environment!

Our Core Values

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Compassion & Care

Uncompromised care and compassion for all patients and wellness seekers

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Learning & Agility

Agile and eager to learn and grow as professionals and individuals

Personalized Treatment and Medicines


Unfaltering integrity towards the highest personal standards

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Commitment to stakeholders

Commitment to work with every stakeholders, internal and external to achieve organizations goals

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Focus on Quality

Focus on upkeeping highest quality in all matters, either personal or organizational

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Discipline & Punctuality

Discipline and punctuality are important virtues that are paramount, especially in the healthcare industry

Ready for the change that will change the world?