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Jiva doctors are driven by the passion to bring health, and happiness to millions around the world, and a sense of responsibility towards self and others. Their commitment and dedication towards taking authentic Ayurveda to every home has helped us become one of the world's leading Ayurvedic treatment organizations.


Healers who learn & grow

Doctors uphold Jiva’s commitment to quality treatment by upholding their dedication to continue to learn and develop as doctors. Learning is a never-ending process, and Jiva supports that with regular seminars during which industry-leaders and renowned doctors from other spheres of expertise share their knowledge with our doctors.


Healers who make healing joyful

The joy of healing a life is what motivates Jiva doctors to give their best every day. Jiva makes that feeling even more gratifying with regular rewards and recognition programmes such as Karma Awards, Vaidya Shiromani Award, and Karma Abhyasa Awards among many others! Doctors earn ‘karma points’ which can be redeemed against electronics or movie tickets!

Diverse Roles

Jiva offers umpteen opportunities that you can explore based on your experience and interests. In addition to consultations, you can contribute to diverse roles such as teaching students in India and abroad, formulate medicines, design Ayurveda education frameworks and collaborate with leading researchers to take Ayurveda to new heights. Browse how you too can contribute at Jiva!

Employee Benefits at Jiva

Discover industry-leading benefits and perks of joining one of the world’s largest team of Ayurveda doctors


Opportunity to practice and promote Authentic Ayurveda


Diverse exposure to Indian & international patients


On the job training and learning opportunities


Best in industry benefits


Work with the most trusted experts in Ayurveda


Karma engagement program to reward doctors based on merit and performance


Constant guidance and mentorship by senior doctors


Career stability and growth


Closely work with Dr Partap Chauhan

Ready for the change that will change the world?


Opening Posted On: 24 Jun 2020

Clinic Doctor

  • 3 to 10 Years
  • UP (Allahabad,Bareilly,Vrindavan ,Kanpur),Pune , Delhi NCR


Relevant experience in Ayurveda.

Focus on relief to the patient.

Good counselling, empathising skills.

Good communication skills.

Administrative/ Managing multiple tasks effectively.