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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Course

Course Availability: Any time of the year at the convenience of the student.
Eligibility: Basics of Ayurveda.
Duration: 30 Days

With the increase in physical and mental illnesses brought about by modern living, more and more people are now looking for the right guidance to lead healthy, contented lives. Ayurveda and its principles of living have gained tremendous popularity in the recent times. As a result, there is a great demand for authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and lifestyle guidance. The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant program provides you with an opportunity to educate the masses on various aspects of healthy living expounded by Ayurveda, such as diet, lifestyle, conduct, and attitude.

As a Lifestyle Consultant, you can enhance your clients’ personal, professional and social lives. You can advise simple home remedies and exercises for common health problems; and refer them to authentic Ayurvedic treatment centers for conditions that require expert intervention. Although this course does not entitle you to practice Ayurvedic medicine, you can assist a qualified Ayurvedic physician in the areas of Ayurvedic dietetics and nutrition, Yoga, and herbal remedies. This program also enables you to provide Ayurvedic counselling and direction on psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Ayurveda is the instruction manual for healthy and natural living. It describes diet and hygiene, as well as lifestyle, conduct, and attitude that can bring total health. Spiritual growth, mental balance, and the maintenance of physical well being are complementary and equal aims of this science. Understanding this philosophy of life enables you to become your own “healer”. You learn about your body, how it functions, and how to treat it through diet and herbal remedies.

Complete health and genuine contentment are obtainable with Ayurvedic principles as they provide guidance on physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. It is essential to understand both the needs of your mind and soul when attempting to obtain complete health, as they are equal partners with your body in determining your welfare. Ayurveda teaches you how to live in both society and the natural universe without disturbing the natural balance, and how to live in harmony with each other and the Earth.

The course enables you to educate your clients about the benefits of Ayurvedic lifestyle and healing therapies. You can also add value to your existent professional practice through counseling and providing appropriate Ayurvedic remedies to common health problems. In addition, this course will enable you to:

  • Apply Ayurvedic principles for a healthy lifestyle

  • Identify the different Ayurvedic Body Types

  • Learn simple Yoga postures for a healthy body and mind

  • Recognize the root cause of diseases

  • Create an Ayurvedic lifestyle based on the Dinacharya standards

  • Perform massage for health

  • Select the right foods and lifestyle practices according to seasonal variations

  • Develop an intimate understanding of every aspect of your client’s physical, psychological and emotional nature to make an accurate diagnosis

  • Enhance your practice through pulse diagnosis

  • Identify the components of a Sattvic diet

  • Prepare healthy, Sattvic recipes

  • Practice Pranayama, Mudra, and Dhyana

  • Identify commonly available Ayurvedic herbs and their benefits in health

  • Treat minor ailments with Ayurvedic home remedies

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“I came to Jiva to experience real Panchakarma. My teachers taught me every aspect of these therapies and I did a lot of practical activities too. I will use this knowledge to serve my patients bett

Rumi Sei,
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