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Ayurvedic Pathology & Pharmacology

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This course expands on the knowledge already gained in the previous chapters on Basic Ayurveda and Ayurvedic pathology. Apart from Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Rasa Shastra, this level also deals with, Ayurvedic methods of patient examination and diagnosis, herbs, diseases of the dhatus, and the conditions of diabetes and asthma.

MODULE I: Ayurvedic Botany

  • Dravya Guna or the Ayurvedic pharmacology
  • Introduction to Dravya (Drug), Guna (Property), Rasa (Taste indicating chemical composition), Vipak (Metabolic property), Virya (Potency or dynamic property), Prabhav (Specific property)
  • Karma (Action)
  • Collection and storage of drugs
  • Collection period
  • Preservation of drugs
  • Drug impurities
  • Methods used for purification
  • Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Administration of drugs
  • Important drugs and their descriptions
  • Miscellaneous topics
  • Nidanarthkar roga
  • Guru vyadhit and laghuvyadhit
  • Upsergaj or sankramak roga
  • Ashta nindita deha

MODULE II: Ayurvedic Pharmacology

  • Rasa shastra
  • Role of paraad or mercury in Ayurveda
  • Purification of mercury
  • Use of mercury in medicinal preparations
  • Administration of mercury
  • Intake of impure mercury
  • Classification of Maharasa, Rasa, Uparasa
  • Gem and their appearances
  • Abhrak Bhasma
  • Shilajtu etc.
  • Bhasmas
  • Roga or disease
  • Classification of diseases
  • Ekvidha Roga (One type of disease)
  • Dvividha Roga (Two types of diseases)
  • Trividha Roga (Three types of diseases)
  • Chaturvidha Roga (Four types of diseases)
  • Vyadhi chart
  • Home remedies for disorders
  • Diet for disorders
  • Exercise for disorders
  • Sample diet recipes

MODULE III: Examination Patient

  • Rogi - Roga pariksha or examination of the disease
  • Nadi pariksha or pulse diagnosis
  • Mutra pariksha or urine examination
  • Mala pariksha or examination of waste products
  • Jivha pariksha or examination of tongue
  • Akruti pariksha or examination of appearance
  • Rogi-Roga Pariksha or examination of the patient
  • Prakrati or nature
  • Qualities of vata prakrit
  • Qualities of pitta prakrit
  • Qualities of kapha prakrit

MODULE IV: Special Topics of Pathology On Ayurveda

  • Non suppressible urges
  • Suppressible urges
  • Exercise, its benefits and contra-indications
  • Suitable and unsuitable persons for company
  • Arishta or signs that indicate death
  • Qualities of arishta
  • Recognition of arishta
  • Importance of knowledge of arishta
  • Examination of Arishta
  • Arishtas related to speech
  • Arishtas of various body parts
  • Arishta related to chhaya
  • Arishtas related to abscesses
  • Arishtas present in the persons other than patient
  • Arishtas related to dreams
  • Other significant arishtas
  • Krimi or worms
  • Ahya or external krimis
  • Abhyantar krimi
  • Effect on worms on the body

MODULE V: Disease

  • Diseases of dhatus
  • Various raktaj rogas
  • Manas or mental disorders
  • Aam-saam dosha
  • Aam or undigested material
  • Aam due to weakening of dhatvagni
  • Causes of production of aam
  • Qualilties of aam rasa
  • Saam state
  • General symptoms of saam dosha
  • Symptoms of niraam vata
  • Madhumeha or diabetes mellitus
  • Ayurvedic view of madhumeha
  • Rupa or signs and symptoms
  • Sampsopti or pathogenesis
  • Complications
  • Line of treatment
  • Asthma or shwas roga
  • Nidan or hetu or causative factors

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