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Deeper Ayurveda

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Deeper Ayurveda Course

This course goes a step further than the earlier course. Apart from dealing with Ayurvedic pathology in general, it also contains topics relating to preventive  medicine, dietary details, daily routines, seasonal regimens, drug addiction and its treatment, Ayurvedic diagnosis, bodily imbalances, stages of disease manifestation, energy centers, vital points, yoga, naturopathy and the Ayurvedic science of aphrodisiacs.

MODULE I: Preventive Medicine

  • Preventive Medicine according to Ayurveda
  • Food items that can be taken regularly without causing any harm
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and daily routine
  • Outline of seasons according to Ayurveda
  • Seasonal regimen
  • Drug addiction and its treatment according to Ayurveda
  • Medical ethics mentioned in Ayurvedic texts
  • Importance of ethics for prevention of diseases
  • Ethics relating to social behavior of a person

MODULE II: Physiology of Diagnosis

  • Panch Nidana - the Ayurvedic diagnosis
  • Finding out the root cause and treating the disease
  • Determining the imbalance and strength of doshas
  • The six stages of disease manifestation
  • The importance of "Sadvidh Kriyakaal"
  • Treating diseases even before their manifestation
  • The six energy centers and their importance
  • The three important nadis
  • Kundalini - the serpentine power
  • The vital points in the body
  • Classification of marmas
  • Importance of marmas

MODULE III: Detoxification Therapy

  • Introduction of the various types of therapies
  • The three main parts of the Pancha karma therapy
  • Snehana or the oleation therapy
  • Svedana or the fomentation therapy
  • The main pancha karma or the pradhana karma
  • Emesis (vamana) and purgation (virechana) therapy
  • Nasya (nasal adminstration) and Rakta mokshana (blood letting)
  • Vasti karma (medicated enema)
  • Different types of vasti and their importance
  • Samsarjana karma or the post therapeutic regimen

MODULE IV: Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Importance of rasayana therapy
  • Role of rasayana in prevention and cure of disease
  • Types of rasayana and the methods of taking them
  • The purpose of vajikarna or the science of aphrodisiacs
  • Role of vajikarna in prevention and cure of diseases
  • Methods and ways of taking vajikarna medicines

MODULE V: Yoga and Naturopathy

  • Importance of Yoga for healing the mind
  • The eight parts of Yoga
  • The sat karma and the breathing exercises
  • Importance of naturopathy
  • Simple natural ways of healing diseases
  • Naturopathy is a part of Ayurveda
  • Home remedies for common problems

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“I came to Jiva to experience real Panchakarma. My teachers taught me every aspect of these therapies and I did a lot of practical activities too. I will use this knowledge to serve my patients bett

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