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If you are looking for a course that isn’t showing up here, have no worry! Here is a place where you can tailor your own course relevant and convenient to your liking. You ask it and we have it—customization at every level and in every possible combination in course topics, coverage, practicals, schedule, and venues.


Ayurveda is based on the concept of personalization. In order to provide you with the most relevant Ayurvedic education, Jiva provides customized courses tailored to your precise learning requirements. Such programs enable you to reach your Ayurvedic goals in the most efficient manner possible. You also have the flexibility of studying locally or in India. Courses can range from a week to a month in length.

Customized Courses in India
Whether you are an individual or a group, we will design an exclusive course for you based on your specific areas of interest. To get started, all you need to do is send us a brief email including:

  • Your name and contact details

  • Your background and prior knowledge of Ayurveda

  • Who would be attending the course

  • Your Ayurvedic goals

  • The areas of Ayurveda that you would like to study

  • Whether you want to conduct the course in India or in your area

  • The dates you would like the course to take place

Based on these details, we will interact with you and customize a course for you that includes both theory and practical lessons.

Customized Courses in your Locality
If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Ayurveda in India, but have found it difficult to organize a trip abroad, we will bring Ayurveda to you. In keeping with our mission to bring authentic, affordable Ayurveda to every home, we will work with you to set up a customized educational program in a location convenient to you.

Our international customized courses have been conducted in countries such as the US, the UK, France, Australia, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bolivia, Japan, Poland and more.

For enrollment, write to us at for information about fees or any other detail.

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Jiva Ayurveda Patient Testimonials

“Jiva was a great place to be in. I got to see the amazing work that Dr. Partap Chauhan has been doing. What he is achieving is really great. He has taken Ayurveda to different parts of the world.

Ellen Vergovin,
Ayurveda Student,

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