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If you want training in Ayurveda and don’t have the time to join an on-campus program, our online Ayurvedic courses are the best suited to your purpose. Discover how these self-study course materials provide an in-depth perspective on Ayurvedic treatment methods and their practical applications.

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in natural systems of medicine—especially Ayurveda, which has emerged as one of the most comprehensive holistic healing systems. However, there is little information available on original Ayurveda and how it works.

Jiva's Advanced Courses have been designed to bring you quintessential Ayurveda. This course program provides an in-depth perspective on Ayurvedic treatment methods that is relevant for both Ayurvedic practitioners as well as individuals who want to lead a healthier, more productive life.

The program comprises five courses or levels that are divided into different modules. Each module is also further broken up into shorter lessons for facilitating easy learning. As you progress through these levels, you will be awarded a certificate for each course that you complete successfully. These five courses or levels are:

Jiva offers of the professional online courses for US $225 each (Rs 10,575).

Special Discount
When you enroll for two or more courses.

Discount Original Price
(in $USD)
Discounted Price
(in $USD)
One course -- 225 --
Two courses 10% 450 405
Three courses 15% 675 570
Four courses 20% 900 720
Five courses 25% 1125 840
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Jiva Ayurveda Patient Testimonials

“Jiva was a great place to be in. I got to see the amazing work that Dr. Partap Chauhan has been doing. What he is achieving is really great. He has taken Ayurveda to different parts of the world.

Ellen Vergovin,
Ayurveda Student,

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