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The Jivananda Course

No prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.
Duration: 6 Days

Here is a course, based on the jewels of Ayurveda, to help you lead a happy, healthy and balanced life. Jivananda is a lifestyle programme that helps people in the busy life of today to lead a natural life and conduct themselves effortlessly through the maze of life’s variables and constants. Propounded by Dr. Partap Chauhan, it focuses on cleansing the body, senses and the mind, so that we can realise the fact that we are souls (Jiva) and can attain bliss (Ananda).

The program includes routines and practices that are simple and convenient to incorporate in people’s schedule. Through Jivananda, men and women are guided on how to prepare their bodies and minds for the day in the most optimum manner. Breathing exercises (Pranayama), suggested in the Jivananda regimen, help revitalise people by facilitating the energy of the air (Prana) in their bodies. Some simple yet comprehensive yoga postures (Hatha yoga) help their bodies become supple, strong and healthy. Guidelines included in Jivananda also help people choose the dietary lifestyle appropriate to their body-types as individuals.

Dr. Chauhan’s Jivananda has already helped thousands of people around the world beat stress, fight common disorders, and prevent diseases. And now it’s your turn!

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