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Ayurveda and Stress

No prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.
Duration: 6 Days

Stress, the by-product of modern-day civilization, has been affecting everyone, including housewives, office executives, retired persons and even children! Constant exposure to stress may result in long-term, anxiety-induced diseases and disorders. Modern medicine uses strong neuro-psychiatric drugs that alter the levels of chemicals in the brain, which often have far-reaching side-effects on general health.

Ayurveda has, however, been successful in fighting stress using time-tested diet-lifestyle plans, supplemented with herbal home remedies. This course has been designed keeping the above facts in mind. It prepares people to conduct themselves effortlessly through the maze of life’s variables and constants.

So, here is the program to help you recharge your batteries. It helps in improving your overall health, outlook and productivity. Through it, you will learn how to turn breaks into “power breaks” by adopting a number of easy techniques that can be practiced in and around your life schedule and to identify the foods that energize your bodies, minds and souls so that they together give you the power to perform the daily chores effortlessly, focusing toward a healthier and happier life. It also teaches you techniques to increase the flow of oxygen in your body with short, effective breathing exercises called Pranayama which can be easily performed between breaks.

This course is based on Dr. Partap Chauhan’s celebrated lifestyle regimen, Jivananda that focuses on cleansing the body, senses and the mind, so that you can realise the fact that we all are souls (Jiva) and can attain bliss (Ananda).

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"Jiva’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist Course came in really handy as a means to enhancing my professional worth as a physiotherapist. I look forward to opening my own Panchakarma clinic someday!"

Helene Dupont, France

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