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Ayurvedic Massage

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Regular Ayurvedic massage is very beneficial for maintaining overall health and well-being. With regular massage, body flexibility increases and fat reduces, veins and arteries become more elastic, the skin begins to glow and the body becomes more efficient. Massage also improves blood circulation and clears the body of all accumulated toxins. This course has been designed to bring you information about Ayurvedic massage techniques, such as Abhangya and Marma Shastra. It also provides information on healing with Ayurvedic massage as well as massage oils, pastes and essences used. In this course you will learn:

MODULE I: Ayurvedic Massage

  • Significance of prana or life energy
  • Ayurvedic massage in India
  • Benefits of Ayurvedic massage
  • Types of Ayurvedic massage

MODULE II: The Science of Marma

  • Introduction to Marma Shastra
  • Healing through Marma Shastra
  • The different classifications and types of marma
  • Marma massage

MODULE III: Ayurvedic Self Massage

  • Techniques and movements employed in self massage
  • Health benefits of self massage
  • Massage techniques for various disorders

MODULE IV: Ayurvedic Oils & Essences

  • Selection of massage oils based on constitution, skin type, hair type, and other factors
  • General massage oils
  • Oils for hair and scalp massage
  • Ayurvedic oils for various disorders

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