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Ayurvedic Care of Women

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This course is an introductory guide for women’s wellness based on Ayurveda. Students learn the natural ways to deal with issues including puberty, sexuality, motherhood, managing career and marriage, and menopause—all from an Ayurvedic point of view. The course covers:

MODULE I: Identify your Body Type

  • Why women are special
  • The three body types of women
MODULE II: Diet Regimen for the Three Doshas
(Part - I Diet Regimen for Vata Women)
  • The relation between foods and doshas
  • Diet and routines for vata women
  • Diet and routines for pitta women
  • Diet and routines for kapha women
MODULE III: Dealing with Disorders
(Part - I The Disorders of Menstruation)
  • Menstrual disorders and their causes
  • Ayurvedic views and treatment of dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea oligomenorrhea and menorrhagia
MODULE IV: Dealing with Disorders
(Part - II Common Gynecological Disorders)
  • Ayurvedic views and treatment of pruritus vulvae and vulvitis
  • Ayurvedic views and treatment of vaginitis, senile vaginitis and vaginal neuralgia

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“Surgery is a given in advanced cases of Tumor. However, Jiva’s medicines helped in decreasing the size of my tumor naturally and restored my body energy, something I needed pretty badly. Thanks!

Emma Rogers,
Tumor Patient,
Tokyo, Japan

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